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Huma Abedin whose full name is Huma Mahmood Abedin is an American political staffer. She was born on July 28, 1976. She has worked as Deputy Chief of Staff in the State Department and traveling chief of staff in the Clinton administration. Huma Abedin has received her education from George Washington University.

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Its weird how they caught huma abedin husband, its like they could hack into his/her computer without dragging him, any way they call me mental because I belive in mind reader and mind writer where mind writer mean the human become a robot, where if mind writer for example worked on anthny her husband, this writing could affect his sexuality, his thoughts, everything about him, is out of his control, it could be applied 100%, but all deny such Mind Control technology. So Mind Control technology is control human senses, and if it is true, it may mean lots of people who lost their jobs of sex, or anger, or any could be mentally hacked, again legally they say its just mental people claim mind writer.

4/8/2019 2:27:55 PM

Dear huma abedin You may know that there are many petitions going around in fb seeking the elimination of the Electoral college. As you know the reasons for this no longer exists, and it does not need a constitutional ammendment to do it. For the sake of democracy, let us go to a system of one person one vote. Harvey Karr on 5167021820.

11/11/2016 4:32:16 AM

I want the contact number of huma abeidin of America.

11/10/2016 3:36:28 PM

Hi Abrdin, You have done a great job by supporting Clinton. Now things are turning this way. I font think it's your fault. I just wanna suggest this you. I think you should take a short holiday some where far away and have a cool head. Best regards.

11/1/2016 9:59:12 AM

URGENT. Please pass this information to anyone who can use this information concerning Trump to Hillary's advantage. Apparently, a sexual assault case has been filed in Manhattan Federal Court against Trump and another male for sexual assault against this woman when she was underage. There is supposed to be a witness to this event. Trial is scheduled for December 2016 after the election. Copy of the Court document filing is on the internet if you look for it. Apparently Trump's lawyers are trying to keep this from the public until after the election. Good luck.

10/31/2016 10:42:44 PM

Huma, There has been a couple of fleeting moments when I thought for a micro second I would cross party lines and vote for Hillary because of your appearance.

10/31/2016 1:31:53 PM

Re: Temperament Hi, I am writing this to you because I am hoping to be helpful to Hillary in her third debate with Donald Trump. I had a flash of insight this morning while watching Donald Trump about how Hillary could effectively disarm him on the question of temperament. I hope to send a message through you to Hillary for a winning approach in this area. Temperament is more than braggadocio or perceived strength, which Donald continues to display. It is also the ability to work with others. That means knowing when to listen, how to compromise, deftness at presentation and care in delivery. In these areas, Donald is obviously VERY UNSKILLED and is thus very vulnerable to attack. Mr Trump could very easily be set up to hang himself in this area because he is so eager display his individual force, but continually ignores the importance of teamwork. I have noticed that he generalizes dramatically - like, "Taxes are going to go waay up under Hillary. " He has also repeated himself predictably in these types of diatribes - like, "The inner cities are dangerous and black people need my help to fix it" His ads say "I am the only person who can keep America Safe" It is far too easy to play along with these types of statements, because they are sooo offensive that they lure a person into defensiveness. I would urge Hillary not to fall for this game and instead take another tack. 1. ASK FOR MORE SPECIFICS. "Ok Donald, I have heard this several times from you, but the problem is that there is no plan to back up your words. The devil is in the details - is not it? (When attacked, he seems unable to show restraint) 2. MAKE HIM TAKE CREDIT FOR HIS BLUSTER. "I hear that you are now free from the shackles of the Republican party that nominated you. Are you saying you have ideas that are superior to theirs for fixing our country? Who can work with you? 3. If Donald Trump can not even work with his own party, how will he be able to work with anybo.

10/19/2016 12:11:24 PM

Dear Huma, Again I am concerned about Hillary. Trump is imploding. That seems clear, but many still find Hillary dishonest and unacceptable. Criticizing him will not change that. Let him self-destruct on his own. Or with the help of commentators. The thing that bothered me the most in the second debate was Hillary portraying herself as Pollyanna. We do have real problems which scare people. She needs to be real and discuss the problems and her thoughts for solving some of them. Screaming about them is what made Trump so popular among other things, but he does hit on things which have people scared. In short, Hillary needs to acknowledge problems, discuss ways of dealing with them. It seems that she will win, but more importantly, she needs a mandate in order to govern effectively.

10/11/2016 10:18:29 AM

Dear Huma, I have previously worked briefly as a part time volunteer for POTUS Barak Obama 2004 campaign at the Wilshire Office under Buffy. I have strong material and designed a small speech ready for you and Mrs. Clinton to hear. Which I believe would be extremely powerful and effective. It is less than two minutes and would nail Donald Trump in front of national audience and bring him down. I am willing to fly to you folks at my own expense and meet you there or invite me at your next California gala and grant me this opportunity to nail this con man. I have been a speaker in mu high school and college and won many debates. Please allow me to help us all Americans from this disaster which might come true. If things go his way. Thanks and very sincere Regards, Zafar Shaheen Los Angeles, CA (213) 290-8480.

9/15/2016 12:47:02 AM

Hi huma abedin thanks for emailing me about the support for Hillary Clinton I'm not sure if she's talked about it, but we need to cut off Vladmir Putin power in Russia he's becoming a lot like Alexander the great of the ancient world cause he wants to expand land for his own advantages like how he's forcing neutral countries from the NATO world war two treaty to join him so he has more power in Europe we need to stop him cause he's a danger to the hardworking people of Europe even if it means killing the Czars of the soviet Union days that Vladmir Putin wants to bring back to Russia so we can protect the royal family of Russia.

9/14/2016 3:42:55 PM

I have firmly supported Hillary for years, but feel her campaign is making some serious errors confirmed by the fact that some recent polls are declaring Trump the winner in the Presidential Face-off. First, recently Trump was smart enough to have shooting victims of illegal immigrants speak at one of his rallies. What about the Clinton Foundation? How many people really know anything about the work that it does? All most know is that it is Pay for Play. How about having people from all over tell how the Foundation has helped them live and survive? Hillary and her team need to talk about what the Foundation does. Secondly, all we hear about Hillary is her email debacle. There is so much more. She needs to talk about what she has done, what she supports. But not just with lists. She has to describe, show passion. And smile more. She has a gorgeous smile which warms her up. That is the person people need to see. A warm person who cares, not someone with robotic answers. These are two biggies. She has to do better and she has to win. PLEASE. I am asking you to whisper these things in her ear.

9/9/2016 5:30:25 AM